Why Toptal seems great to me

I know Toptal from their awesome tutorials and blog posts. Many days ago when I was googling I found some tutorials written inToptal blog. Those tutorials were so helpful and when I was discussing with one of my designer friend he was telling that Toptal is actually a marketplace of most talented freelancers around the globe. Also heard that he failed to pass in Toptal screening process. It made me interested.

About 4 years gone after that, I’ve worked in upwork.com (former oDesk) for a long time and worked in full-time office job as well. Everything going well I would say but as I’m always a remote job lover I always think of getting back my freelance life.

Recently I’ve logged in to few freelance marketplaces to see how’s the situation. Apparently, I have frustrated by seeing the project quality and rates. It’s very clear that it’s so hard to find a good job in there whatever you have good skill and experience. Still, I’ve applied in few jobs to test my luck. I was wishing for an interview at least to represent myself but no reply.

Suddenly I was seeking for a React Component Testing solution and found this. The article quality reminds me again why Toptal blog is awesome!

Toptal takes less than 3% top people after their pretty hard screening process. Which is scary and interesting to me as well. Two reasons make me interested, I will get quality people around and where quality people stay exciting projects would be there for sure. I prefer exciting projects even if the payment is less. As I’m still working in a startup I know how interesting it is to work with huge responsibility. I just registered to Toptal fixed a time to start my screening process and excited to join in React.js Programmers Group.

If you are an expert in a domain and think of doing freelance job I think your ambition should join in Toptal because this is the most quality marketplace I’ve ever heard of.