Where to start learning computer programming?

What is computer programming?

Do you know an event programmer, who organizes an event like marriage/Christmas? Yes, you must know. A programmer manages and organizes an event by giving instruction to others. Computer programming is just like this.

Google says

“Creating a sequence of instructions to enable the computer to do something.”

You may know about computer hardware, a computer is an organization of Storage Device, MemoryProcessor, Output, and input devices. What it will do when you start a very new computer without installing any OS or program? It will do nothing without showing a startup screen. Because it has no program. It has no instruction about what to do now. Then we install an OS to make the computer alive. Here OS is a program which is giving all the instruction to computer and computer doing this. OK what OS you are using? Windows/MAC or any Linux distro? did you think that who made this? how they made this. Basically a computer program is a set of instructions and to making these instructions as well as a program in computer programming. The computer doesn’t know any human language, it knows 0 and 1. Its quite impossible to make a program by this machine (binary) Languages. Computer inventors (actually developers) made it easy by inventing programming language. Programming languages are nearer to human language with more readability. But it’s true that you have to convert (compile/interpret) the code to binary when you gonna input in a computer because the computer knows binary. Here is a small infographic of compiling process (interpreter kind of the same thing you will know details in the here)

I won’t say Programming is an easy task. It’s not easy actually. A Cashier count cash whole day, a guard stay on the gate every day and you will find more example but they don’t have something creative. Actually they don’t need to be creative. Programming is not like this, programmers usually do a new thing every day. They are coding and inventing. So it’s not easy like other traditional professions. Actually you don’t need any extreme knowledge to learn to program. Many people say that programming needs good math knowledge and if you are not a math expert then don’t go there. I don’t think so. A few months ago I meet with GittuBaba to get some suggestion, (FYI I am not a math expert, many times I failed in math in my life) I was interested to be a programmer but I was scared. GittuBaba asked me that “do you know basic math (+, -, *, /)?” I said “yes” then he said to start learning. Actually It’s true that programming is too logical like math so who knows math sometimes it’s easier for him. I am learning and discovering new planets every day.  If you can concentrate, confident, and dedicated then start learning.

Here is an inspiring video must see.

Some Other Version here

Where to start?

My preferred sites to learn code,


Khan Academy



Also, youtube is a rocking place for the tutorial 🙂

If somebody says that “It is not possible to learn from web”

Say get lost 😉