Droplr Quick Image sharing program for all

As a freelancer I always seeking for good tools and now I have got a new tools for sharing files. We know about dropbox, skydrive, box and many other program but droplr is highlight for a good advantage. Not for file sharing it is very fast for image and screenshot sharing. If we compare this tools with dropbox then see how many step we need to share a screenshoot.

Sharing screen with Dropbox,

  •  Capture screen by a screen sharing tool like snipping tool
  • Save It to desktop
  • Cut/copy and paste it to your dropbox folder
  • collect the link and share the link with public


Sharing screen with Droplr,

  • Click on droplr icon on system tray, select Grab Screenshoot, drag and select the screen you want to capture.

  • waiting for a moment to upload and copy it [automated process]
  • share the link (just paste it by ctrl+v) with public

You can do short more, just press windows logo key+s, drag the area and paste the link.


Not only that, you can share any photo very fast by this small software, to do this just copy your image from photoshop/ image editing program or simply copy the image file from desktop and right click on droplr icon and select Upload from clipboard.

Droplr icon stay on system tray or on all window, you can switch the position by pressing windows logo key+w

droplr icon on desktop  

You can share your code or any documents very easily, just copy your text/code and right click on droplr icon, select compose a note, now paste the text/code your code on text box, select your text catagory from dropdown menu and upload it by pressing upload button. It will  be uploaded and drolr will copy the link automatically, we can do short it, just copy the text and press windows logo key+v and press upload then you can paste the link anywhere.


Screenshot below.


Collecting link from web interface,

  • Log-in to web interface and right click on the image short name and copy the link as below screenshot.


Some important information about droplr

  • As free user you will get 1GB space for free.
  • You can share any type of file by droplr
  • Free account file size limit 25mb
  • It has drag and drop facility on web and desktop
  • You can browse all files from web interface
  • You will get shorten link and no need to use any 3rd party app to s

A screenshots of droplr

Its web interface is simply rocks!

What you will get on pro package,


Download and install droplr from its site https://droplr.com and enjoy it!