WE Tech Fest 2014 in AUW

WE Tech Fest: Women Empowerment through Tech Fest” is focusing on women’s visibility and involvement in IT field. This is one of the first initiatives taken in this region to promote women in technology field. It aims to ensure a large number of women’s participation in IT Development. Moreover, AUW IT Club always encouraged female leaders from Asian University for Women in Technology. Therefore, for the first time both AUW IT Club and Google Developer Group took an initiative to organize a giant tech festival to celebrate a day of Women in Technology.

My friend Anam, Firoz, Enam and me was invited to take training session about web app development. Popular writter Professor Dr Mohammed Jafar Iqbal Was invited as chief guest. We prepared to attend in the event and our journey wasn’t complex than the last journey.

We were late and due to Thursday we failed to manage first class ticket. Only 4 tickets are available in last class. We weren’t unhappy but when we were at Comilla railway station somebody jumped and taken my phone through the window while train leaving the platform. I was checking in foursquare. I lost my phone, I was kinda disappointed not for loosing my phone but for my situation. Couldn’t think that I’m disconnected from the world. I saw the guy who snatched the phone. I saw through the windows that he was busy to disconnected the battery and SIM. Just got a smile, everywhere I log in thorough my phone as he switched off it, he can’t start it without knowing the PIN code and Pattern Lock. I really appreciate his performance. From a running train its wasn’t much easy to get the phone through the window.

We were reach to Chittagong 2 AM. We were seeking for a hotel to stay but almost no room available in nearest hotels. At the end we got a room with high price. No other was in front of us without getting it. Got some food before take a sleep. At the morning we left the hotel and reached to Asian University for Women.

The program was started and We were beside the Chief Guest. It was a inspiring event for women. Women tech leaders deliver their speech and find out some problems in the topic why women are at the back. Gender discrimination and Less Interest in technology is two of them. I have learnt a lot of things from them.

Muhammad Jafar Iqbal’s speech was much interesting. I din’t know that he is as good in speech beside writing.

Here some of photos of the event, Maximum Photos Taken by Anam Ahmed,

My FB status about the event,

“Its really complex to arrange this type of event with a short preparation. Your dedicated team proved it. I’m happy that I was a tiny part or the event. One interesting thing is students are very much enthusiastic while I’m delivering very bad speech. I’m thankful to them. Hats of to you all.”

After finishing the event we came back to another hotel, Rakib Vai helped us to find it. After taking rest Rakib vai again came back to us and we started exploring Chittagong 😀

Again Picture album of our Chittagong travel

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WE Tech Fest 2014 in AUW

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