About Myself

This is ASIF NAWAZ. On Internet I am introduced as ASIF SAHO. I am 23 years old. Basically I am student of Computer Science and Engineering beside that I am a Freelance Designer and Developer. Over 2 years I am working as a full time freelancer. I love graphics, I love code, I love programming! its my passion. I love to work with them. I am very hopeful person.

I work as EST office time. Everyday I wake up with in 11AM -12PM (local time) and go to bed 4AM-5AM (GMT+6)


My Color Choice:

  • Sky blue
  • Gray, Black
  • Orange
  • Light Red
  • Sea Green and many many color.


  •  Once upon a time I was a hard computer game addict. Now I have no much time to play games. I have a Byk and I like to get a ride with this when I get time. Speeding, Drifting and one wheel driving is very exciting part of my ride.
  • Net Surfing to learning new something.
  • Traveling.
  • Photography


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