27 things you should do before being settle (my state)

Update 20.02.16: I’m married now


I got those questions from here, quite a nice idea, lets see about my state!

1.  Travel

Not that much but yeah

2. Learn to cook

More than beginner (my perspective)

3. Be financially independent

I am

4. Face one of your biggest fears

5. Live alone

For long days

6. Accomplish a goal

Many done and still working on next

7. Find your drink of choice


8. Make the first move

Yah but its little bit complicated

9. Challenge yourself

Yah, bike racing 😀

10. Take a road tripe

So many but not that long though

11. Try a nice restaurant by yourself

I did many

12. Live somewhere else

I did

13. learn to drive manual

I ride doesn’t have automatic transmission!

14. find a new show and watch it all in the weekend

Silicon Valley

15. Get fit

More than fit I guess :/

16. Build something with your hand

Lots of things

17. Stay up until the sunrise

Max 34 hours I was awaken

18. See your favorite artist live

James Concert at Pabna Edward College Field in Pohela Boishak (2011 probably)

19. make a list of books and read them all

Didn’t made list

20. Learn to fight

A little!

21. Volunteer

I did

22. Try a new hobby

23. Apply for your dream job

Yah and got it

24. Keep a journal

I was doing not now!

25. Have a long conversation with a stranger

26. Do something crazy and spontaneous

Oh its racing and climbing.

27. Get to know yourself

Yep I know myself well.

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